Explore the Dark and Dangerous Temples and Tombs of Ancient Egypt in Exodus Vigil. Follow the familiar story of the Israelite Exodus from the Egyptian perspective.



Based on the book, “Exodus: God of the Slaves” by Kris Murray, A new God comes to Egypt and sends His emissary. Four young Egyptians witness the wonder as disasters befall their homeland. Feel their emotions as war rages across their pantheon. Relive the familiar Exodus story set in the exotic land of ancient Egypt from a fresh new perspective.


Use your wits and reflexes to discover exciting places, navigate treacherous passages, and escape from temple zealots. Climb to new heights. Muscle your way through. Sneak passed enemies. Blend into the crowd. Or draw your blade as a last resort.


The slaves of the pharaohs worked tirelessly to build elaborate pyramids, burial chambers, and grand temples. Find out what lurks behind the next corner of these dark corridors. Can you successfully figure out the secrets to solve the challenges that await?







On July 14, 2022 Multi-Episode Exodus Vigil Game Released on Steam “Early Access”!!

On  July 14, 2022, All Exodus Vigil Missions were released on Steam using the “Early Access” Beta Testing model.

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Why We Built The Game

Our passion is to build Christian games that families and friends can play together and learn more about the Bible.


Help Us Test The Game

We are looking for players who are passionate about playing Bible Themed Games who will help us beta test and improve the game.  We are a very small 2 person part-time indie studio and we are using Steam Early Access to gather input from a much larger community of youth and young adults. We hope to gather more customer feedback to help make our Exodus Vigil 3D Puzzle Adventure Game more fun and bug free! We have been getting lots of feedback from a small team of high- school students physically located in Washington State. We now would like to get direct customer feedback on how to make our game a lot more fun and more re-playable from a much larger audience.”


Where is the Original Demo Game?

The first episode demo game, which was originally published on our website back in 2019, has been greatly expanded into a much larger multi-mission full game which we have now released on STEAM for a much larger audience to play test.


Who Designed The Game

Phil Conrod & Kris Murray with help from our students and players.


How We Built The Game

We built the game using Unity 3D & Visual C# using the BibleByte Books’ Unity 3D C# Adventure Game Engine.  Learn more about the Game Engine & Game Programming Textbook tutorial for Christian Schools here.

Original 2019 Exodus Vigil Demo Game Video